Google Plus Business Page Design Helps Local Marketing

Google Plus Business Page Marketing ServicesYes, Google Plus for Business is something that you will definitely want to look into. Whether it’s for your business or perhaps a service you wish to offer to your clients you cannot afford to miss the band wagon.

In the past, successful businesses implemented a Google Places page to take full advantage of the local search results benefits. You must have noticed whenever searching for local services, shops, restaurants, etc that at the very top of the page Google would list all the local places pages first? Didn’t you? [Read more...]


Learning Google+ One Day at a Time

Are you into “Connecting with People”?

Whether for personal or business networking purposes the Google+ tool is here to help.

Over the last few years the popular phase, “Facebook me” was quite common. It didn’t matter if it was a college student shouting at their Mom from the car window as they were heading back to the dorm or perhaps a real estate agent that you were using to close the deal on the house of your dreams, it seemed everywhere you went people were talking about “Facebooking”. [Read more...]


Community Managers… Facebook Page Private Messages. Yes? No?

I just heard the news… Facebook seems to be rolling out a new feature which will enable page fans to engage deeper with their favourite brands by giving them the opportunity to send private messages to the page administrator.

My first thought is “what”? Are you kidding me? Open up the floodgates…

Why would I (as a Facebook Fan) possible want to send a private message to a brand? Usually, the main reason most people contact a company directly is either to ask a question or make a complaint.

[Read more...]


Matt Cutts on WordPress SEO

Excellent Video from WordCamp San Francisco that was held on May 30th 2009.

In this video Google’s Matt Cutts presents on “Why WordPress is the best blogging platform in terms of Search Engine Optimization, SEO”.

Matt Cutts is the head of the Web Spam at Google.

Notice how he talks about how Matt Mullenweg is the #1 Matt on Google ;). Cute!

What is your #1 WordPress SEO Tip?


Thanks Appsumo For a Great Deal on “Using Google Analytics for More than Pageviews”

I am so excited to share with you something awesome I learned today :)

First of all, I use Google Reader to deliver breaking news, tips, and stories from my favourite people across the web – try it you’ll love it too!

So, this morning Chris Brogan published a new article about Appsumo titled “The New Sales Page” – thanks so much @ChrisBrogan! What a great find!

As you will see in my video, Chris really stumbled upon something cool.



Chris Brogan:
Twitter: @ChrisBrogan

Justin Cutroni: Analytics Chat Blog
Twitter: @JustinCutroni


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What do you think of this “New Sales Page”? Did you like the Video? Does it give you the “trusting” factor? Does it make you want to buy the product?