$50K City of Ottawa Open Data APP Contest – Open What?

On Monday, September 27, 2010 the City of Ottawa announced that they are set to launch a public contest to develop applications using open data... How Cool!!!

Cash prizes totally $50,000 are to be won!

“The goal of the contest is to encourage entrepreneurs, agencies, students, IT professionals and others to create innovative new apps that use open data to improve community experience, stimulate economic growth and engage residents in municipal government. The contest isn’t only for people who can write programs – anyone can submit an idea for an app and be entered in a draw for a cash prize.”

So, what exactly is “open data”?

Open Data can be referred to as “any data” that openly specifies it is freely available for re-use, if due credit is given to the author(s).

By “reusing” data we are actually sharing useful information and helping to get the information in front of a larger audience. This can be very powerful to engage communities by providing the “open data sets”  in many accessible formats.

What does open data look like?

Take for example, The City of Toronto’s Open Data Source. Their tag line states, “building a city that thinks like the web”. You can view the Toronto Open Data FAQs and also take a look at the Open Data Catalogue that is already available there.

Where can I learn more about open data in Ottawa?

  • As part of the City of Ottawa’s commitment to improving citizen engagement and enhancing transparency and accountability to its residents, the City is joining other government organizations within Canada and around the world by providing public access to its data.
  • Open Ottawa Hackfest – It’s a gathering of local citizens, councillors, and city staff to write applications using public municipal data to show support for adopting an open data policy by the city government.
  • Directory of Open Data Apps for the City of Ottawa

Where can I learn more about Open Data and Government?

How can I get my Hands on the $50,000 in Cash Prizes?

Don’t worry, you don’t have to be a developer in order to win!

All you have to do is come up with a good idea…

Here is a great place to take  a peak at existing open data applications:

Where can I Find Other People in Ottawa To Discuss Open Data with?

data-ott – “We are a community of people from the Ottawa region who have an interest in freeing data to support innovation in the public, social and private sectors. This site has been built by and for the community. It is a space for community members to find, unlock, publish and use open data for civic, social and economic purposes.”

Who is Sharing?

Who is Sharing Data in Government of Canada?

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