2012 Digital Marketing Check In

2012 calendarThis was a great social year! And as much as I hate seeing it come to an end — I greatly anticipate the onset of the brand new year ahead. Say it with me 2012, say it louder 2012! [Read more...]


Thanks For 5 Great Years Twitter!

Twitter turned 5 years old!

I cannot believe how fast time tweets by.

In this Twitter Birthday Video you will see active Twitter users answer the follow questions:

  1. What do you care about?
  2. Who do you follow?
  3. What do you want to know?
  4. How do you explore what’s out there?

And, as you will see from there answers Twitter is basically used to “Discover Your World in Real Time”.

Check out this new website Twitter launched: “Follow Your Interests. Discover Your World“.



Late Night Twitter Strategies

Before I forget…

Remember I said I wasn’t a normal girl?

Well, I have to confess that sometimes I lie awake at night and Twitter strategies keep propelling through my mind…

So the latest thought came from a video of Matt Cutt’s that I watched on the Goolge Webmaster Tool’s Youtube Channel. The video is called “What are the factors that go into determining the PageRank of a Twitter page?”.

Basically according to Google it does not matter how many followers you have as this will not influence the rank of your twitter page on Google search.

Google says that what will indeed influence your Twitter Page Rank are the amount of links to your page and the amount of links to your tweets. I think a link to your tweet would mean a retweet? Please, correct me if you know otherwise.

From my social marketing prospective, in order to engage your followers enough for them to retweet your tweets a few things must happen:

  1. You must consistently post valuable tweets (worth retweeting).
  2. You must show your followers that you appreciate them by engaging in their conversations, responding to tweets, referring others to connect with them via twitter.
  3. You must also participate in group tweets of interest, #hastags of interest, and other engaging twitter trends.

So my question remains now, how many people can you actually attend to on Twitter? How many people can you keep up with? Are you able to effectively participate with everyone in your Twitter influence?

Perhaps, it’s smart to really grow your followers on Twitter organically and keep your circle small?

According to Google it’s all about people linking to your profile and tweets.

If you have a great connection with 50 of the people you follow who you are really able to pay attention to – in response this could mean all 50 retweeting and then their followers retweeting, etc…

In retrospect, if you have 12000 people you are following how many of these people will want to retweet your tweets if you are not personally connecting with them regularly?

I guess the popularity factor comes into play here as well. People who are popular will have an automatic following waiting to retweet their information. Then, you have to look at how they become popular in the first place… It’s probably going to come back to building relationships on twitter.

If you want to take a look at some of the most popular tweets check out the dailyRT, the most popular tweets on the web.

One last note, why does your twitter page rank even matter?