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Really quick tip today guys. Please view the below post for up to date information on the most efficient permalink strategies for WordPress.

Efficient permalink strategies for WordPress – geek ramblings.

It’s always a challenge to figure out not only what is most effective but what will get you ranked better.


How To Outsource A Product PreLaunch

Architecture PhotographyI had the pleasure to attend a webinar last night titled, “Unlocking the Product Launch Formula Part I – The Pre-Launch” hosted by Craig Cannings of Note, the Part I ;)  and as always I was rapidly capturing snapshots of the key information right here in my WordPress admin panel.

(I heard that Part II will be hosted around the end of March and will focus on the product launch and after the product launch).

I learned early on in my webinar days that manually taking notes not only is ineffective but makes it really hard to share the main valuable points with my clients and colleagues who perhaps were not able to attend. So here you are folks…

How To Outsource A Successful Product Pre-Launch: Which In Fact Is A Hot, In Demand Niche Skill.

The whole mission of a Product Pre-Launch is to build as much buzz as you possibly can to get people eager and excited for your actual product launch.  Think of it like a primer – getting the crowd excited enough to not only sign up to receive your ongoing communications but also to get them talking, blogging, and perhaps tweeting about it too.

Craig explained in detail, his expert insights on how he has implemented Social Media Strategies effectively to promote buzz and build hype around may successful Product  Pre-Launches.

Let’s look at the main benefits of a successful Product Pre-Launch:

  • Builds momentum and buzz.
  • Ignites web exposure -  kickstarts your Google juice.
  • Captures targeted leads.
  • Connects you with the right audience.

Now, let’s go over 4 Services you can Outsource in your Product Pre-Launch Development Stage:

1. Squeeze Page/Lead Capture Page Development.  Your main goal of your squeeze page is to capture emails, and gain subscribers. Now keep in mind the importance of getting this done effectively, according to MarketingSherpa 60% of visitors will leave your site within 8 seconds.

So here is what you can do:

  • Hire a Squeeze Page Project Manager To:
    • Create a Compelling Headline  that answers the infamous question “what is in it for me”?
    • Ensure that the page does not have any distracting links; you want visitors to get to the end goal and sign up – capture that lead! Keep them focused on that compelling headline.
    • Incorporate your Audio and/or Video into the page to capture their interest. This video could be of you talking, a screencast demo or something creative. It’s a good idea to keep it short (2 Mins or under).
    • Research appropriate images of other people to place on the page. People like to look at other people.
    • Bullet and bold the features and benefits; (what’s in it for me…).
    • Bold freebies; great incentives or bonuses.
    • Produce a high quality product for the bonus.
    • Enlist a focus group to review your bonuses, products, etc.. Gain testimonials.
    • Ensure the sign up forum is visible easy to access.
    • Create keyword rich content – related to the product/services.

2. Create a Great Autoresponder Series. A great autoresponder series will help you to build credibility, gain momentum. It will enable you to add value, provide the bonuses and show quality of your product.

  • Setup new autoresponder account or create a new list within your existing account.
  • Ensure proper signup code is placed within the squeeze page.
  • Create the autoresponder schedule. Usually keeping within the range of 3 messages/week during the initial 3 week pre-launch stage.
  • Tracking key statistics about conversion rates, sign up rates, etc.
  • Create compelling messages that comprise the entire autoresponder series.
  • Get creative on where you to promote sign up code aside from squeeze page.

3. Develop and Optimize a WordPress Pre-Launch Blog. This is important. A WordPress blog is the perfect way to continue the momentum of your campaign and ultimately gain higher Google rankings. Plus, the blog will double as an ongoing communication portal for your product, business, and future initiatives.  It will enable you to build relations with your visitors, be indexed by Google faster, and provide valuable free content to your visitors.

  • Setup WordPress within your existing domain name for the product and/or your company. Keep the domain for the pre-lauch as part of your main domain. You don’t want to be driving traffic to a temporary url.
  • Choose appropriate WordPress theme, tweak theme as necessary.
  • Create custom graphics.
  • Add in appropriate plugins, analytics tools, SEO, etc.
  • Submit blog to appropreiate blog submission channels.
  • Link pertinent social networking links to blog.
  • Burn and optimize feed through feedburner.

4. Implement Traffic Driving Techniques:

  • Online press releases creation and syndication – using same domain for pre/product launches within the body or author box.
  • Blog marketing – join pertinent conversations within your industry.
  • Blog carnivals – seek out and join carnivals related to your product. Entice others to release blog posts about your product.
  • Get new product reviews either through joint venture partners, industry guru’s, or paid reviews such as
  • Secure joint venture partners.
  • Create PR plan to promote the affiliate program.
  • Perhaps create a Viral PDF guide – and allow that guide to be co-branded and distributed by others.
  • Social Media Marketing through social network sites, product launch facebook business page, Facebook profile html application (advertise your sign up code on your Facebook profile). Twitter campaign. Social bookmarking related information and articles.
  • Create and submit a series of 2 minute video clips and optimize and submit through tubemogal, on blog, etc.
  • Purchase paid ads on Facebook, Yahoo, etc.
  • Run related events in conjunction with the product launch. Maybe host teleseminars giving valuable information away, invite industry guru’s to share information, etc..

So, as you can see the possiblities are almost endless for outsourcing your Product Pre-Launch development. I want to thank, and Craig Cannings for hosting this amazing 1 hour webinar – you guys rock as always…


Why I Love The New Google Toolbar 5 (beta) for Firefox

google toolbar screenshot

I am so excited to report that Google has launched a new beta version of the Google Toolbar for Firefox, version 5 (beta).

The Google Toolbar has become one of those tools that I take full advantage of in my business. Since I use all Google services on a daily basis having the toolbar available makes it a cinch to easily access the Google extended library of powerful services and features.

Implementing these simple tools into my online business makes it easy for me to take my business on the road without missing a beat.

A few of the Google services I use and would recommend to anyone who is looking at simple ways to gain that competitive edge and keep up to the minute with their online presence include:

The list above only touches on a few of the Google Services I use, maybe another day I will create a full resource list.

In the meantime, the main reason I am so in love with the new Google Toolbar is because you can now take your Toolbar with you.

Now you can access all of your Toolbar settings, bookmarks and custom buttons from any computer, no matter whether you’re at home or on the go. Select the option to ‘Access your Toolbar settings everywhere’ in the Toolbar sign-in menu. Then, when you sign in to Google Toolbar on any computer where it is installed, your settings will be updated and any changes you make during that session will be saved. Learn more.

Download and give the new Google Toolbar a try.


5 Ways To Increase Your Email Open Rates

I just came across 5 amazing email marketing tips from

The article written by Derek Gehl is titled: “Top Secret: Get Your E-mails Opened”.

Here are the major points that are simple, and quick to implement immediately:

  • Take full advantage of your custom fields to make your subject line really compelling. Use the Name & City fields such as this: “Janet, want to get out of Tucson this weekend?”
  • Keep subject lines under 41 characters and include your benefit, offer, or most important element right within the first few word.
  • The more your subject lines look like personal e-mails from friends, family members or business associates, the more likely it is that they’ll be opened.
  • Avoid capitalization, exclamation marks and dollar signs.
  • Make sure your subject line is related to your actual message.
  • Come up with an interesting angle that grabs your customers’ attention and makes them want to open the e-mail.
  • Never stop testing and trying new subject lines.

Good luck, and please share your savvy email marketing tips.


11 Key Areas to Outsource in 2009

I captured a lot of key information recently from a free conference call hosted by Tina Forsyth, Online Business Manager and Cindy Greenway Virtual Manager, Victoria Business Solutions that I am very excited to share with you. The call titled, “VA Specialties that Clients are Eager to Pay For” was full of valuable information for both virtual assistants and for clients who are feeling overwhelmed and wondering what they can indeed outsource successfully to a virtual assistant ~ A big “Thank You” to both of you Tina & Cindy for this amazing call!

I have been in contact with 5 hot leads within the last 2/3 weeks who have a lot in common. They don’t operate the same type of business however a few of the commonalities they all share include:

a. Their businesses are experiencing tremendous growth in 2009.
b. They are starting to feel overwhelmed with the current workload and anticipate even more going forward.
c. They all had heard of a virtual assistant but are just not 100% sure of how it will all come together.
d. They all said, “I need more time to focus on what I love doing”.
e. And, they all found me through my social media endeavors!

With that being said here are the 11 Key Areas You Can Outsource Successfully in 2009:

1. Affiliate Marketing Management

Find the most affordable tools/systems for your campaigns, setup affiliate program action plan, bring on new affiliates, build lists, keep in touch with and ensure affiliates have all the tools they require, track affiliate sales and payouts, develop strategies to enhance campaigns, create/oversee the production of artwork, liaise with affiliate partners and/or their associates as required, develop system to track all social media activity/conversations about the campaign and ensure an appropriate level of engagement is taken by or for you.

2. Social Media Marketing (hot)

Take stock of your current level of involvement in social media marketing and devise a workable action plan going forward. Ensure a proper level of engagement is mapped out for your business and all of your social profiles across networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and tools such as autoresponders, article author boxes, email tag lines, etc are displaying your profile links. Incorporate strategies and systems to capture key conversations that are taking place about your brand and forward key information that you need to know and filter through everything else accordingly. Find key groups within your niche that will add the most value to your business. Create and submit content to all your social media channels that will add value to your brand and build your credibility. Ensure all of your “fronts” on the web are in top shape and encourage visitors to share and interact with you through social media. Make efficient use of effective social media tools such as bookmarking, RSS, tagging, submitting content, etc while documenting these systems and tools along the way.

3. Traffic and List Building Specialist

Finding and setting up the best list building system for your business. Branding and/or maintaining a consistent look/feel for your business across all of your communications. Scheduling communications in conjunction with your business and/or marketing plan, product/service launches, and major sales promotions. Database maintenance. Content creation. Seeking out cross promotions and/or joint venture partners. Spreading viral marketing offers across multiple social media channels. Tracking key statistics and information. Competitive tracking and research. Build and maintain solid relations with existing subscribers.

4. Video/Podcasting Production (hot)

Develop a production schedule for video and/or podcasts. Research and use the best tools and/or resources for your business ie., cameras, equipment, etc. Edit, tag, and publish audio and video to key submission spots that make sense for your business. Ensure social media marketing specialist is kept informed about keywords, tags, and RSS feeds for each production. Monitor traffic and analytics. Keep up with emerging trends.

5. Online Business Management

Manage the daily operations of your business giving you more time to engage in your area of specialty. This can include a broad scope of activities that revolve around planning, project management, and ultimately growing your team and your business.

6. Blog Management

Ensure the blog is setup with the best presentation for your readers and that it is easy for your readers to follow, subscribe, share, and find you across all your social profiles. Ensure blog is submitted to key directories and sites within your niche. Write meaningful content geared specifically towards your readers that engages with and shares your readers content as well. Ensure comments are moderated and responded to in a timely fashion. Ensure content is exciting and welcomes comments. Ensure content is syndicated where it should be. Develop strategies to make reading your blog fun. Ensure graphics, sign up boxes, and all RSS feeds are always in top working order. Install Google Analytics, Webmaster Tools, and develop a spreadsheet to track statistics and watch trends. Use these key statistics to watch and develop content that attracts the most readers. Ensure ongoing maintenance and branding are kept up to date. Use creative strategies to promote the blog and content. Keep a “hot list” of who is talking, commenting, blogging, or sharing social media stories about your blog.

7. Speaking Engagement Management

Work behind the scenes to ensure all technicalities are taken care of. Preparing, formatting, and distributing presentations, handouts, and other literature. Responding to inquires in a timely fashion. Maintaining your membership club, creating, formatting, and adding new content. Building effective follow up and lead generation systems.

8. Publicity Management

Designing and implementing an effective publicity plan. Getting your name and business out there whenever possible. Optimizing your profile across major press release portals, ensuring all new accreditation, businesses and achievements are added in a timely fashion. Writing and distributing effective press releases. Ensuring website, blog and social network profiles are prepped and media friendly. Tapping into key people and resources to keep you in the forefront.

9. Article Marketing Management

Preparing article marketing schedule annually, quarterly and/or monthly. Writing, tweaking, reviewing and optimizing articles. Seeking out and keeping track of important keywords. Write capturing bylines. Ensuring each article is relevant and consists of important information for your niche market. Seeking out new marketing opportunities, portals, forums, message boards, and other key areas where your article should be published. Creating buzz within your niche capturing hot topics of interest to readers.

10. Online Copywriting

Creating autoresponder schedule. Write, edit, and create autoresponders. Writing, editing, and optimizing website and blog copy. Ensuring effective keywords are used across the board. Ensuring appropriate meta tags, tags, and keywords are used consistently.

11. Newsletter Management

Create and implement newsletter tracking system that includes a basic schedule, newsletter campaign statistics, and newsletter lead management capturing key information such as  newsletter goal, theme, frequency, autoresponder list name, template, and promotion and article titles, opens, clicks, conversions rates, subscribed, unsubscribed and total leads. Collecting key information for newsletter, editing, formatting, and inputting information. Collaborating with key affiliates and others who contribute content.

A good approach to finding a virtual assistant who is knowledgable and ready to take over these key areas of your business is to take a close look at people who have enrolled in the VAclassroom training programs. The VAclassroom is a Niche Training Center that offers comprehensive training programs specifically for Internet and Social Media Marketing.

In fact, if your favourite virtual assistant is looking at ways to enhance their skill sets so that they are able to better assist you with your Internet and Social Media Marketing then this is the prefect opportunity to treat them with a seat in the “Social Media Marketing Specialist” training program that is launching on January 15, 2009.

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