Learn How To Remain Inspired and Productive When Working From Home in This Exclusive Interview

happy worker girlMark your calendar now for an exclusive interview with Mike McDerment the founder and CEO of, a painless billing, invoicing and time tracking software. You won’t want to miss this event!

The Freshbooks team are an amazing group, I know first hand because when they came to Ottawa for a social media function they took many of their local clients out to lunch including moi! It was a great opportunity for me to not only learn more about Freshbooks but also network with other local business owners.  Thanks again Freshbooks!

I also took advantage of the opportunity to attend the social media event that evening where Mike and Saul, The Head of Magic, spoke about social media strategies and other entrepreneurial topics and was truly inspired by their presentation.

So be sure to tune in on August 7, 2008 at 2pm EST to here this exclusive interview with Mike McDerment and Craig Cannings:

Virtual Nirvana: How to remain inspired and productive when you work alone: You are your own boss!  But working on your own can have its challenges; you’re isolated and sometimes it can be hard to stay motivated, productive and inspired.  Mike McDerment, Entrepreneur and CEO at Freshbooks, will present a Webinar where you will learn productivity and entrepreneurial tips and insights that will help you become more balanced; effectively placing you on the path to virtual nirvana.

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To learn more about Freshbooks you can read this article posted at the, “The “Time Tracking” Challenge for Virtual Assistants”  or simply visit the site and signup for your own account, as well as the Freshbooks blog.

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