Social Media Mania on Mommy Millionaire

OK, so I am not a millionaire yet however I am a Mommy who is on a serious mission to achieve long term wealth and happiness for my family. And I wanted to share with you one of the most valuable resources that I am using to make my dreams happen!

One of the Mom Entrepreneurs whom I have met through my endless networking efforts and absolutely admire is Kim Lavine, the Mommy Millionaire.

Kim is beyond passionate about her business. She not only has been able to exceed every one’s expectations in her initial business pursuits but she has now gone way above and beyond to help pave the way for other Moms to achieve success.

How does she do it you may ask?

wuvitFirst, she started the “Green Daisy” enterprise where her first feature product was the Wuvit.

Second, she wrote the book “Mommy Millionaire” which clearly lays out her path, challenges, tools and resources she used to bring her business to over a six figure success.

Third, she created the online community “Mommy Millionaire – where dreams become reality”.  The mission is to bring together passionate Moms who are either in business or starting a business and are looking for that “safe place” to network, share ideas, and ultimately keep inspired and on track – Your Home On the Web For Creating the Life You Really Want ™.Kim Lavine Book Signing

Fourth, she launched the “Mommy Millionaire Magazine”. Presenting Mom Entrepreneurs such as myself, the unique opportunity to share their expertise and knowledge with the world by contributing valuable content to the Mommy Millionaire Magazine.

Fifth, she attends numerous “Speaking Engagements” with a mission to inspire Mom Entrepreneurs through her strength, energy and powerful words of wisdom and inspiration.kimlavinespeaking

Looking over the past accomplishments of Kim Lavine makes me very excited for what’s to come in the future!

You can read the latest edition of Mommy Millionaire magazine online where my article titled, “Social Media Mania” is currently being featured.

Cheers to your Mommy Millionaire Success!