More Reason’s To Love iThemes


I love writing about things I love and one of the things I love is iThemes. There are many, many reason’s why I feel this way however the most important one is because they make the ULTIMATE WordPress Themes.

Honestly, I have worked with tonnes of WordPress Themes and can say without a doubt that iThemes ROCK!

Recently, iThemes was featured in the WordPress for dummies book, published some new customer testimonials on their site, and also James Dalman released a caricature of Cory Miller!

The most recent WordPress site I developed using the Flexx theme by iThemes is for the Forum on Virtual Assistance (FoVA 2009) conference. This event will bring together many of the virtual assistance industry leaders into 5 action packed days of education, fun, and networking. I can’t wait!!!!


iThemes Does It Again

flexx sampleI am in love – again!!!

iThemes just released a whole new series of fancy variations of the Flexx Theme.

The Flexx Themes’ creative design features give you maximum flexibility and full control over every tiny aspect of your entire online portfolio while making it fun and easy for your visitors to explore and learn all about you.

And you won’t have to worry about looking the same as the next person on the blogroll thanks to over 1000 page layout options plus the ability to customize the header, background, fonts, and color scheme’s.

The customer support, tutorials and forum make it easy to ask all the questions that you need to.

Check out the live demo’s in action.


Not Using a Content Management System Yet?

Here is a great post I wanted to quickly share with you written by Kevin Hendricks, and posted at the iThemes blog.

5 Reasons to Use a Content Management System