22 Expert Speakers in One Action Packed Virtual Seminar

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I just found out about an amazing 22 speaker virtual seminar that is happening next week and wanted to share all the details with you.

It’s being hosted by Angela Wills of Marketing Mojo and is called “The Online Conference About Business Owners Who Love What They Do“.  It’s designed to give us hot information that we need to “fall in love” with our businesses all over again. I mean, I do really love my business however a little extra romance once in a while can really spice things up!

So let me share with you some of the seminar titles so you can see exactly why I am sooo excited to not only attend but also collect those valuable audio’s to add to my professional development library!

  • Marketing Your Service Business Without Sacrificing Your Sanity
  • I Love What I Do – How Creative Branding and Marketing Saved My Business During A Recession and Can Save Your Business Too!
  • From Welfare to Millionaire: How a struggling single mom took her passion and turned it into a successful Internet business – and YOU can too!
  • Become a Published Author: 5 Fast & Easy Secrets
  • Connecting With Your Audience
  • Getting Media Attention in a Web 2.0 World
  • Social Media With Curves: How Women Can Use the Fine Art of Giving, Helping and Sharing to Attract Leads in a Pain free Way Using Social Media
  • Creating Passive Income through Affiliate Marketing
  • Boost Your Bottom Line with Group Coaching
  • Selling Without Pushing: Selling Yourself with Confidence
  • Credibility and Cash Flow
  • Discover How To Turn Your Core Business Into Multiple Streams Of Income With No Risk, Minimum Stress, And Have Tons Of Fun In Your Business Again!
  • All Roads Lead to Success: How Using Multiple Avenues of Marketing Can
    Bring More Exposure Your Way
  • How To Turn Your Passion into Profits and Make Money While You Sleep
  • Relationship Marketing: Turn your Rolodex into into a million dollar asset for your business!
  • Knowing Yourself & Choosing the Right Business
  • Say “YES!” To Office Organization Success
  • Build Your Business With The Right Words: Four Tips For Writing Copy That Sells
  • How to Write for the Web (Even if You Hate Writing)
  • Writing Your Book & Creating Your Business
  • Social Media

coffee cup full of heartsIt starts on February 16th however, you will receive a recording of all the calls which is a great resource to keep on hand!



Guerrilla Marketing Workshop With Conduit Solutions

MonkeyToday, I had the pleasure of attending a Guerrilla Marketing workshop hosted by MOMpowered Inc., and delivered by Jason Daley of Conduit Solutions in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

I can tell you that Jason is very passionate about what he does and always has his clients top of mind.  Which is very smart and makes it easy for Jason to build and maintain long term relationships. Not to mention deliver great workshops!

I spend a better part of my day, usually about 10 hours, focused on online marketing and didn’t even realize, until today, that some of the things that I do are actually in the scope of “Guerrilla Marketing”.

Guerrilla Marketing, according to Jay Levinson, “it’s an inviting chance to stand out from competition“.

In the online world there are many chances that business owners can take to be able to stand out from competition.

Here is a fun way in which you could stand out from your competition today:

Video marketing; how many of your competitor’s are creating and distribution video online?

It’s fun, it can be easy to do, and it can also be really cost effective or even free…

All you need to get started is:

  • A video camera, a laptop with a camera built in camera, the flip camera.
  • An idea for a video; a tutorial, an introduction to your company, to introduce yourself, a new product, a new service, or just about anything fun.
  • An outline for the video, a basic plan on what you are going to say.
  • A marketing strategy to get that video online through, Youtube, Google Video and a whole other host of video submission channels.
  • To post the video on your blog.
  • Talk about the video in your newsletter.
  • Maybe even get your joint venture partners talking about your video in their newsletters and marketing materials.

What other tactics can you think of that will help you stand out from your competition?


The Meatball Sundae Book Tour Teleseminar; 7 Sweet Treats I Took Away

Today, I attended the Seth Godin, “Meatball Sundae Book Tour Teleseminar“. It was mentioned that there were over 1000 registrants!

Seth Godin himself along with Tim Ferriss, Chris Anderson and John Jantsch spoke about marketing today, and explained in detail different strategies that can contribute to a successful marketing plan for 2008. With that said, as a business owner it is up to you to determine which, if any, of these strategies are right for you and your business.

Here are the top 7 Sweet Treats aka Marketing Strategies that I have taken away from the teleseminar today:

  1. Make products for your customers, don’t find customers for your products…
  2. CandyLearn all you can about your prospects; It’s not really about the number but more about who they are
  3. Demonstrate active listening skills; the key is to learn who’s who within your niche industry.
  4. Stop looking at the world through a 20 year old lens; It is 2008.
  5. Start a Blog; build as many doors to your business as you can.
  6. Sheeple mentality may cost you; take the time to choose the right tools and resources that will work for you and your business.
  7. Start a Squidoo Lens; if you are really good at something Squidoo it, teach other people everything there is to know.

I bought my copy of “Meatball Sundae” at Chapters in Ottawa, Canada. One of our family routines is to pop into Starbucks to get a latte then head to the kids section of Chapters where my daughter settles in to play. Both my husband and I take turns going out to find our book of the day and then come back and share our reads. Well, as you can imagine this one really struck up a conversation…

Did your copy of “Meatball Sundae” strike up any interesting conversations?