Watch Out! The Mommy Manifesto Is Coming…

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The year 2010 is about to hit. People are rapidly adjusting to a “new life” and finding their way through the Information Age. But let’s stop and think about what this actually means for a moment.

The Information Age is suppose to mean that we as “ordinary people” now have the unique ability to share information freely amongst each other. Having instant access to seek the knowledge on virtually any subject matter you so desire is at our very fingertips.

That in itself is mind blowing, absolutely mind blowing. So why are so many people still facing barriers, and challenges? Why are people not able to fulfill their dreams and live the life that they envision?

The point I am getting at here is that women are still being subject to harassment and discrimination when it comes to work/life balance. Are we still expected to fulfill all of those “wifely” duties, bring home half the bacon, look pretty and sexy while being turned down for an advancement opportunity at work because we are pregnant?

I know first hand how this affects you as a “person” because I have been there, exactly there. I had a great job at a large Canadian Communications company with full benefits, the whole shebang. I loved it there. We had over 800 employees and my role as “Assistant To The Director” was to oversee all the daily administration tasks associated with two separate teams. This entailed attending weekly management meetings, taking notes, ensuring action items were completed on time, participating in team building activities and sometimes handling irate customers that wanted to speak to the “department head”. I was good at my job, well liked, and always received the full merit increase each and every year.

So why was it that when a very unique advancement opportunity came up that was so well suited towards my skills, experience, and talents (after 5 years of waiting), and I went to my boss, the HR department head, and the person whom was hiring for the role and gave them my resume and told them of my extreme desire for advancement that I did not even get a chance for an interview for the position?

Perhaps it was because I was 7 1/2 months pregnant at the time?

Today, over 3 years later I look back at the whole experience and although it still bothers me it has actually helped me become the person I am today – a successful Mompreneur(tm) who is in complete control of my destiny. And for that I am very thankful.

So you see, this is why I wanted to share with you my extreme excitement over the brand new book that Kim Lavine has written called “The Mommy Manifesto”. It’s available for pre-order on Amazon and will be shipping in August 2009.

Kim Lavine built a company from her very own kitchen table worth Millions of Dollars today. That company is called Green Daisy. Now, years later Kim is helping other Women fulfill their dreams and guiding them towards success. It’s not just a “Man’s” world out there – Women CEO’s, Women Entrepreneurs, Women who are Real Moms are Climbing the Ranks and Breaking New Grounds. The “Information Age” is our Age.

Check out Kim Lavine’s Youtube Channel, The Mommy Millionaire Magazine, and the Mommy Millionaire Online Community where like minded Moms network, share, inspire and fulfill their dreams. You can view Kim’s unique product line in the Buy Mom shop at

So Watch Out – The Mommy Manifesto is Coming… And will teach you “How To Think Big, Break Limitations, and Achieve Success.”


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