Forum on Virtual Assistance 2009 Launches New Site!

FoVA 2009 Yes indeed, the Forum on Virtual Assistance (FoVA 2009) has launched a new WordPress based site. Personally, I think it looks pretty great as I was lucky enough to use my favourite skills to setup the entire site.

Although we did choose the iThemes flexx theme for the core, a lot of customization was done to mold it into it’s own unique FoVA style. Keeping with the yellow and black color scheme made it fun to design the graphics to really stand out.

I also took full advantage of the hot new billboard plugin designed by iThemes to generate the custom thumbnails along the bottom of the site that profile the FoVA 2009 Session Leaders.

The blog certainly enhances the event and will make it easy to post information and resources that will be of benefit to anyone who is attending or thinking about attending the event.

I am really excited to attend FoVA again this year and have been given the opportunity to do a WordPress Workshop – ya! I am so excited to package up and share information on “How To Offer WordPress as a Service“.

I look forward to seeing everyone at the event.

Oh, and all FoVA 2009 Attendees… Don’t forget to Map yourself please.



The Top 10 Ways to Maximize Your Membership ~ Written by a VAinsider

Since 2005, my ultimate information source for virtual assistant networking, professional development and support has been, the Virtual Assistant Networking Association. It’s hard for me to choose what the top, top tools that offers are but if I had to, my top 10 choices would include:

1.Virtual Assistant Networking Association Toolbar ~ this tool is a must, must have for all VAs! Why? Well to name a few reasons:

2. The mini RSS Feed; imagine being able to keep up with every single forum post, RFP, contest, seminar and everything in between by just one click. By scanning the headlines you can easily pick and choose which topics are of interest to you while keeping up to the minute on everything!

3. The VA Tools ~ you can’t live without this one. Basically, it’s a drop down list that will connect you to the top resources you need to start and run a successful VA business. Each category branches off into a mini directory that will link you to a choice of popular and effective tools currently being used by our fellow VAs.

4. VA Goodies ~ goodies? Yes, Goodies! And they are just that. This is another magical drop down list that again has links to all of the top resources including the Seminar Room, VA Directory, VA Contests (where you have the chance to win hot prizes including free advertising & training +++), VA Free Websites, and much more.

5. The Seminar Room ~ this is where you can participate in weekly chat sessions with fellow VAs as well as engage in professional development seminars on hot industry topics such as Internet Marketing, Business Development, Time Management ++. As the topics evolve with the industry, these seminars alone will give you enough ideas, skills and even that extra push you may need to take your virtual business to the next level. And that is only a few of the reasons why I love the toolbar!

6. Virtual Assistant Networking Association Forum ~ I am not sure if it’s because the forum is broken down into specific, niche areas of interest to VAs; the statistics that track each post according to date, time, and popularity; the advanced search function; or the actual “real” people that give some of the best “virtual” advice around but this VA forum continues to exceed my expectations.

These tools are all perks offered with a standard free membership! Can you imagine what some of the enhanced benefits that I am currently taking advantage of as a VAinsider look like?

Well, let’s start with my favourite VAinsider Membership Benefits:

7. The Seminar & Newsletter Archives ~ like a lot of you, I am a Mom to a really active, stubborn toddler and as much as I try I just cannot attend every seminar or remember everything I read in the newsletter. So, needless to say I rely on the archived versions and refer to them regularly. Recently, some of the key information I had to search for, which actually made me some quick cash, was on podcasting. I had a client who wanted me to install a podcast on their website (a client who I gained through the VAinsiders RFP system!). I needed a reliable source of information on how to do this. The first place I searched was the seminar archives and voila ~ there was a seminar that gave me the key information I needed to get this done accurately, and quickly.

8.’s Monthly VAinsider Virtuoso Marketing Seminars ~ lead by Tawnya Sutherland herself; this is my favourite VAinsider exclusive benefit. Marketing, especially Internet Marketing is something all VAs should, and I absolutely must, keep up to date on. I offer it to my clients as a service with a guarantee that states, “I am committed to keep up to date on the virtual industry as well as everything within the scope of services that I offer”. Now, can you image how much money I would have to spend without being a VAinsider to attend National seminars, maintain certifications and not to mention build and maintain relationships with the top gurus themselves. I am a behind the scenes kind of gal and wouldn’t even if I tried be able to keep up with the extreme level of dedication, participation and industry networking that Tawnya demonstrates. Take a look at some of her credentials on her website. I have marked my calendar and am eagerly anticipating the exclusive opportunity to attend these Internet Marketing Seminars with Tawnya Sutherland.

9. Request for Proposal (RFP) System ~ As a VAinsider I had the exclusive opportunity to gain 30 clients in 24 days through the RFP System! And, all 30 clients were actively looking for a VA! I was also lucky enough to have a detailed guide, “7 Essential Keys for Responding to RFP’s”, written by Darrell Williams, of Right Hand Man to help me every step of the way. I am not sure where else I could have had this exclusive opportunity.

10. Exclusive Marketing & Advertising Opportunities: Did you know that gets over 4,500,000 hits a month?

Where else can you afford to advertise on a site that gets this amazing amount of traffic? You could have a banner ad for as low as $50 per month. Imagine how impressed your clients and leads would be if you had a “client spotlight” section on your website and could tell them that you advertise with a banner ad on a site that generates 4,500,000 hits a month.

Additionally, my VAinsider Membership makes it simple for me to maximize my marketing and advertising campaigns. Here’s how:

An Upgraded listing which includes a banner ad to rise above other listings at the Virtual Assistant Search Engine Directory. The largest VA directory on the net!

Two special advertisement/announcement posts in the forum. Did you know that active Members have responded to general Virtual Assistant questions over 18,000 times as of Oct. 2007?

Preferred Advertising rates at, including a 25% discount and higher banner ad positioning versus a non-Star member. Some advertising areas include The VA Advertising Shop, Newsletter advertising, VA Chat Page, VA Article Directly, Main landing pages.

Access to participation in various publicity campaigns run by experts to help promote Virtual Assistants and your business globally.

To find out about all of the exclusive benefits that you could take advantage of as a VAinsider simply visit the VAinsider Membership Benefits section of the website today!


What Are 2 Hot Niche Skills That Your Virtual Assistant MUST Have?

Camera Crew

Internet Marketing Virtual Assistant that is….

If you missed tonight’s seminar at titled, “How Virtual Assistants Can Create a Profitable Niche in the Social Media Landscape” don’t worry I will give you a sneak peak…

Two hot niches that your Internet Marketing Virtual Assistant MUST have include:

  1. Online Video Production and Marketing
  2. Online Reputation/Presence Management

First, let’s talk quickly about Video Marketing. Survey says that 83% of the 17000 Internet users worldwide that were surveyed, watch online video clips regularly (up from 62% in June/07).  Amazing fact!  With tools like the Flip Video Camera and Youtube you can create a great quality video within minutes.  And the nice part of today’s virtual workforce is that you can send that Video directly to your virtual assistant for editing, submission, stats tracking, and overall online video marketing and management.

Next, let’s look at Online Reputation Management.  In case you have not “Googled” yourself or your company lately or even a more scary thought “ever” than there is no time like NOW… It is so vital to the success of any business to manage what people are saying…Yes guys, that does mean the good, the bad and the ugly.  You must devise a concrete plan to track it all. It’s called Viral for a reason and believe me, you don’t want anything Viral going on behind your back – especially on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, blogs, discussion boards, or any other social media platform.  So take action ASAP. There are way too many cool tools and resources, as identified in today’s seminar, to make this a seamless process.

Want to hear the whole seminar?  Then visit for full details… Better yet, go directly to the VAinsider Club sign up page, trust me, it’s an immense resource for any virtual business owner and you will get instant access to this social media seminar and many more.

Want to learn these 2 Hot Niche Virtual Assistant Skills?  Then simply visit now!


Forum on Virtual Assistance – FoVA; A Virtual Assistants Dream

I am so excited that I have the opportunity to attend the Forum on Virtual Assistance (FoVA).

For me there is only one, well maybe two, pitfalls to working as a virtual professional and they include:

  1. I miss shopping! Seriously, I use to buy at least one nice outfit a week to wear to the office and now I find myself looking in the comfort zones instead of the suit sections, yuk!
  2. I miss my colleagues so much! I worked at a customer care centre of a major Canadian telecommunications company for 6 years in the business office. My role, admin assistant supporting 2 busy directors allowed me to collaborate with all levels of staff and build many relationships.

That’s why I see FoVA as a Virtual Assistants Dream.

Having 3 days of face to face networking and brainstorming with the virtual assistance industries leading edge Virtual Business Professionals is truly incredible. If you think about this way, all of our clients, peers, mentors, associates and contacts are virtual. And like most VAs, I have built a strong and growing network of peers whom I call on everyday that I have never met!

And, did I mention that I will be attending workshops faciliated by industry leaders on the hottest topics in the virtual assistance industry today including:

  • Business Ethics For the Established Virtual Business.
  • Contingency Planning and Disaster Recovery for Your Business.
  • Grow Your Business by Understanding Personalities.
  • Time Management in a Wired World.
  • Alternate Streams of Income – Ideas for Residual Income. Work Smarter Not Harder.

Tawnya Sutherland Promotes in American Council on Exercise Magazine

American Council on Exercise magazine promotes the virtual assistant industry ~
Get it Done With the Help of a Virtual Assistant

In this article, you will enjoy reading the benefits that the independent fitness pros who choose to partner with a virtual assistant can gain. Some of the top benefits identified are:

  1. Saving time.
  2. Ability to spend more time training clients.
  3. Make it easy for prospects and client to reach you.

This article explains the steps you need to take to find the right virtual assistant for your fitness business and also highlights techniques to help shape an effective relationship with your VA.
Article Clip