More Reason’s To Love iThemes


I love writing about things I love and one of the things I love is iThemes. There are many, many reason’s why I feel this way however the most important one is because they make the ULTIMATE WordPress Themes.

Honestly, I have worked with tonnes of WordPress Themes and can say without a doubt that iThemes ROCK!

Recently, iThemes was featured in the WordPress for dummies book, published some new customer testimonials on their site, and also James Dalman released a caricature of Cory Miller!

The most recent WordPress site I developed using the Flexx theme by iThemes is for the Forum on Virtual Assistance (FoVA 2009) conference. This event will bring together many of the virtual assistance industry leaders into 5 action packed days of education, fun, and networking. I can’t wait!!!!


Business Things I love This Week!

Happy Business Group of People

I wanted to share some of the “things” that I love this week. These are all related to business – sorry. I don’t really do many fun things right now. Being a Mom and entrepreneur is hard enough so I kind of let the fun side of me go – only for a while though, I hope!

1. VAClassroom Teleseminar for Virtual Assistants, Solopreneurs and Small Business Owners; this seminar I look forward to because I had the opportunity to meet Mike McDerment, who will be speaking at the event, and he is very inspiring. So all you Solopreneurs this is your chance to learn some tips from a very successful entrepreneur.

2. A hot new WordPress theme release, I love it. It’s called WP-Vybe and comes in multiple colour options.

3. Twitscoop – If you love using Twitter as I do this is a must see tool. It will give you a real time tag cloud of the most popular topics being tweeted on twitter plus more…

4. 3 Video tips from A-list bloggers – I love the concept of adding video to your blog and business but am so chicken – I just have to do it!!!!

5. 8 Useful Tips for Building Your Mommy Blog Into a Business; this is a great article with really great tips that can apply to anyone who wants to make money blogging – not just Mompreneurs(tm)!

6. iThemes new look. Love it!

7. The brand new BlogLove it too, it looks smashing!

I have found these tools and resources to be of value to me and my business and I hope you do too!


Check Out The Hot New WordPress Theme Directory

I was wondering why I was having difficulty accessing the old WordPress theme gallery over the last while.

Now, I am thankful to report that they have been busy creating a brand new awesome theme directory.

Check it out, WordPress Theme Directory!

Wordpress theme gallery


Celebrate WordPress; Unofficial International WordPress Day

WordPress FamilyUnofficial International WordPress Day

July 1, 2008 marked the calendar as the “Unofficial International WordPress Day“.

It’s also a National holiday here in Canada so for me, it will be easy to remember.

I love WordPress and I love Canada!

I have written many articles and guides about using WordPress and highly recommend  WordPress to all of my clients, colleagues, and anyone who wishes to manage content online!

Thanks Automattic for this amazing publishing system and thanks WP Candy for this great celebration!

Here are few WordPress links & resources:


11 Opinions About The Future of WordPress Themes

Ian Stewart over at The ThemeShaper blog posted a very interesting article about The Future of WordPress Themes.

It is becoming more and more common to use WordPress to power your entire online content management needs.

Naturally, designers are producing themes that complement this evolution.

This is what Brian Gardner has to say:

With the exponential rise of WordPress as the leading blog platform of choice, the number of WordPress themes (whether it be free or paid) is also on the increase. As developers uncover new ways to code and display content, WordPress blogs are now becoming WordPress sites. This is something that is starting to appeal to small business and companies who thought that WordPress was only capable of being a blog platform, and not a means of content management system. Having said that, the demand for more complex themes which accomplish more than the typical blog, only results in the increasing demand for both premium and custom themes.

Brian Gardner really needs no introduction, does he? He can be found at and is the lead coder and developer for

I am really excited to see what is in store for the future of WordPress themes. I am very pleased to be on board and able to provide my clients with the assistance they need to get their WordPress powered sites up and running, optimized, and keep them maintained on a regular basis.