Thanks Appsumo For a Great Deal on “Using Google Analytics for More than Pageviews”

I am so excited to share with you something awesome I learned today :)

First of all, I use Google Reader to deliver breaking news, tips, and stories from my favourite people across the web – try it you’ll love it too!

So, this morning Chris Brogan published a new article about Appsumo titled “The New Sales Page” – thanks so much @ChrisBrogan! What a great find!

As you will see in my video, Chris really stumbled upon something cool.



Chris Brogan:
Twitter: @ChrisBrogan

Justin Cutroni: Analytics Chat Blog
Twitter: @JustinCutroni


Interest in buying this awesome product?

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Then go to the sales page:  Using Google Analytics for More than Pageviews


What do you think of this “New Sales Page”? Did you like the Video? Does it give you the “trusting” factor? Does it make you want to buy the product?

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