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Low-Cost Ways to Set Up and Design Ecommerce Websites in Singapore

Read this article and discover the cheapest ways to set up, customize or design ecommerce websites in Singapore!


So, you have an idea for an online business and you are interested in setting up your own ecommerce site but you want to spend as little as possible. No problem, we have a few different ways to show you how to set up and design ecommerce websites in Singapore:

  • Use readymade marketplaces: The readymade marketplaces are websites that allow retailers to create their own seller accounts. The seller will receive an online storefront and he can create item listings. The seller can also add photos, item description, and will have a chance to the community with the potential buyers through the Q&A section. Some of the readymade marketplaces we recommend are Carousell, Zalora, Etsy, and Qoo10.
  • Readymade online systems: The other low-cost option you can use is adding an online system to your site. If you already have a website or you are considering building one, you can just add an ecommerce function and start selling on the web. You can use the microsite provided by the ecommerce platform or integrate the shopping option with your existing site. Usually, there are a few different choices to choose from. You can choose the theme you like to most and customize it according to your needs. The best ecommerce platforms on the market are Shopify and BigCommerce. If you are a beginner, Shopify is a better choice. These platforms don’t require any technical knowledge, can integrate with your current website, and it is a scalable solution.
  • Build a custom ecommerce system: The third way of creating an online store is to build an ecommerce system into your site. This option offers you the most flexibility. You can easily add any non-standard feature or app that your business needs. Also, you will have an absolute control over what your online store looks like, what integrations it needs, and much more. The options we would like to recommend are Magento and WooCommerce. Both are very scalable ecommerce platforms and can handle large volumes and future growth. The downside is that technical knowledge is required which means you will either have to learn how to code it yourself or hire a web developer to build the website for you.

These are the 3 basic and low-cost methods of starting your own online store. Pick the best one!


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